Posted by Romik Safarian

Walking Man’s Road

Finally my 25 x 30 Ultimate Last Unicorn Movie poster is done.


  • One look… WOW!!! This is unbelievable, y

  • You amaze me… Breathtaking…

  • DDDDDUUUUUUUUUUUDEEE!!!!!! No WAY!!! Your crazy!
    It’s Fantastic but who will remember this cartoon?

  • Wow taken back in time…I have request Darkness unicorn legend next piece. Great line work keep going.

  • this is some serious work. Stunning. Did you get paid or did you do this for fun?

  • Can you do a sister piece for dragonSlayer? Also, when we time travel, what is the best mode of transportation? #timeTravelIsLame

  • All of your drawings have their own ecosystem! Always incredible. This one is beautiful and I have to agree with Johncarlo, we share the same vision, you must do LEGEND! Any character, draw one or all. I would love to see what you would do with it.

  • WOW!!! WHAT!!!! Seriously where do you sell your prints???

  • Yup…… WOW

  • Amazing.

  • I remeber this cartoon. Damn dog you took me back

  • I was just hunting through the internet for an art nouveau unicorn piece from which to derive my next tattoo and found THIS! It’s stunning and I want to look at it in more detail. Do you sell prints? Please e-mail me with pricing, and consider taking my commission, as you really understand what I’m going for. Beautiful work!

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