Posted by Romik Safarian

Who is Cromwell Dune?


  • Amazing!

  • Are all those faces in his turtleneck the victims of cromwell dune? Amazing detail. You have to start selling prints.

  • Sensational!! I think Cromwell Is a good guy and Those are the souls he must avenge.

  • Sinners beware!! I love the turtleneck of souls!

  • many faces, many emotions, many personalities. The detail is incredible

  • Its pronounced Beard Fasay!

  • Mount Everest soars 30,000 feet into the sky. I made it to the top and saw Cromwell Dune waiting for me.

  • I like it. Many expressions but I see fear in all of them.

  • Hey very cool!! Man I really love Mr. Dune.. Wicked.. Beautiful.. Amazing.. thanks for sharing. . .

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