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the one and only Dr. Erasmus Craven

Basically the story is that I couldn’t sleep the other night
and the movie The Raven(1963) was on.
Had to draw this.. thank you Mr. Vincent Price.

“You are not alone in guilt sir. I too have failed at the task of living.”
-Dr. Erasmus Craven


  • Sometimes you read a passage by a great writer, and you know what he says and how he says it will always be, for you, the only possible way it could be. Less often a painter will describe an event in a way that fits into your interpretation of that event so perfectly that it becomes the event itself…

    this painting is truly and EVENT. Love it !!!

  • Just found your blog. I’m loving what i’m seeing,

  • Great work, GENIUS!! Vincent is immortal! The clothes you drew here are actually cooler than the one he wore in the raven.

  • Might I suggest The Abominable Dr. Phibes

  • Love it! This is great! WOOT! It seems that there was a great deal of hard work that went into this photo and for a dr. It looks so great! I am very impressed by all of the work you put into something like this!

  • You’ve really blown my mind away Romik. When I first saw this artwork, I thought he’s almost like the Genie of the Lamp. :)

    But instead….he’s the one….and only…Dr. Craven. Excellent painting you have shared to us.

    Fretz M

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